The Miracle of Prayer

guy-praying-for-a-miracleAs hard as it is to believe, some people no longer have the Lord in their lives and no longer pray. Everyday we witness the loss of faith in many people around us. It seems that the more we advance technologically, the more we preoccupy our minds with that which we own, the things we want to buy, the more we forget about our souls.

That is not to say that technology is bad, or evil. It brought us a little closer to each other, helped us create communities in which we can express our faith, our stories and our prayers and how they have helped us. However, we are only on this Earth for so long. We need to consider what lies ahead when our souls leave our bodies. When life is gone and your journey in this material realm ends, where will your soul lie?

In this day and age, we need God in our lives more than ever. With everything that is happening across the globe, from natural disasters, to wars, protests, and deadly diseases, we need Jesus in our lives more than ever. We need to never forget that our Lord has not forsaken us and loves us all the same, whether we choose to love him or not.

Believe in the power of prayer!

There is a power in prayers that you will never find anywhere else on this Earth. The power of change. Change ourselves and change our relationship with our Savior. Like the passage above says, if you believe, it will be yours. If you believe that your prayers are heard and that our Lord is listening, that He knows you better than you know yourself, if you believe in his Kingdom and his might, your prayers will be answered.

Even though sometimes it feels like there’s no one up there, listening, that your prayers are in vain and even though at times it may seem like all hope is lost, He will answer, eventually. It is possible that you will not receive that for which you pray, or that the outcome you were expecting, but make no mistake about it, He knows what he’s doing. After all, He is the builder of our destinies. After all, if all prayers were to be answered exactly as we want them to be answered, if all the things we pray for would become reality, life would hold no mysteries. There would be nothing for us to learn, to feel or to achieve during this journey.

The Placebo effect

You’ve surely heard of the Placebo effect before. Offering someone a medically ineffective treatment, while convincing said someone that the treatment is what they need to heal them or make them feel better physically.

This term has been used to also describe prayers. Some believe that all prayers do is make us feel better and give us the false sentiment of relief during hard times. But those of you who have experience the power of prayer and had your prayers answered know, that this is not the case. There have been numerous cases in which praying achieved miracles.

Miracle Prayers

There are cases in which prayer has helped addicts get clean and sober, stay that way and get back on the track they were meant to be on. In other cases patients declared terminally ill by doctors have either lived much longer than predicted, or recovered almost fully after praying and talking with God.

That being said, if you are sick, go see a doctor. If you are told you need surgery or any other form of invasive procedure, do it. All the advances of medicine are there to help us, and heal us when we need it. Pray for your speedy recovery, pray that everything will go as planned with your procedure and most importantly, pray for the doctor and his family, and ask the Lord to bless him or her. Thank Jesus for bringing that doctor in your life, so that he may heal you.

There are times when the miracle we pray for does not happen. It is especially difficult in those times, but remember that God never throws anything at you that you cannot handle. And if the miracle you pray for does not happen, remember that He has a plan and while He heard your prayers and pleads to help a loved one or even you, sometimes His plan for you is different than what you wish that plan to be.

A story of a miracle

A man from Washington went to bed one night, after putting his three children to bed and kissing his wife good-night. After a few hours, his wife was awakened by her husbands odd breathing and tried to wake him, but failed.

Panicked, the woman called 911 and an ambulance came to her house in the middle of the night, waking the children who were still asleep in their beds, and took the man to hospital. Once there, the doctors performed tests, and tried to figure out what was wrong. At this point, he was in a coma and no one really understood why.

Doctors told his wife and extended family that the chances are bleak. His organs were shut down, his liver was no longer working and he was clinically dead. That night, his family and closest friends were by his bedside praying until visiting hours were over. The last person to stay in the room to pray over him, was his cousin. That is when, miraculously, he woke up, confused, with no idea of what had happened or where he was.

He recovered almost completely and, to this day, doctors aren’t baffled as to what caused his coma and how he woke up from it.

This is one of many stories of miracles that only God could be responsible for. A story of the Lord deciding it was time for a change. Sometimes, He will try you in ways you could never imagine, so that you can change yourself. This could have been one of those times.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
- Mark 11:24